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Arrangements for Children

Separated parents may not agree on the arrangements for the care of children. We can discuss your concerns and advise on different approaches to separated parenting. We can help you negotiate arrangements with the other parent.

In addition, if you wish to attempt mediation we can refer you to experienced local mediators who will arrange an initial meeting with you to assess whether mediation is suitable.

Sometimes court proceedings are necessary to resolve disputes in relation to children. We will give you clear advice as to when to take this step. We are both experienced advocates and will support you throughout this process.

Issues which can arise include: –

  • The time the children shall spend with each parent
  • Taking the children abroad for holidays or permanently
  • A change of surname for a child
  • Change of school
  • Medical treatment for a child
  • Contact with extended family
  • Protection from contact with people who are said to pose a risk to the child
  • Special guardianship orders