Helping you through
relationship breakdown

Financial Settlement

Upon divorce, judicial separation and dissolution of civil partnership

This is a crucial part of the divorce process and it is essential that you obtain expert legal advice from the outset. We will advise as to which remedies are available to you and how to achieve the best settlement. Issues which commonly arise include:

  • Maintenance for a spouse
  • Maintenance for children
  • Sale or transfer of property
  • Payment of cash lump sums
  • Pension sharing
  • Apportionment of business interests
  • Clean break orders

Our first aim will always be to negotiate the best possible settlement without the need for contested court proceedings. However, should court proceedings be necessary, we will ensure that your case is presented robustly and dealt with in a cost effective manner.

Even if you have agreed the terms of the settlement, or you do not have any assets to settle, it is important that the agreement is recorded in a legal document to protect you against any future claims after the divorce is finalised.