'With you every step of the way'

What We Do

Please contact us if you need advice in relation to any of the following areas.  We have set out in the links below details of our fixed fees, where available:

How we work

We will first invite you to attend a face to face meeting with us to discuss your case in detail. This usually takes about one hour and we charge a fixed fee of £80 + VAT (totalling £96). We will advise you as to the various options available to you and the likely costs of our further involvement.

An initial meeting may be enough to enable you to manage your situation, but if not we will discuss with you the various ways in which we can help to take your case forward. After the initial consultation all work is carried out at an hourly rate of £240 + VAT.


We will discuss with you the benefits of a letter being sent to the other party or their solicitor setting out your concerns and inviting a reply. This is often the most effective way of engaging the other party and agreement can often be reached on many issues after a period of careful negotiation.


We will discuss with you whether your case may be suitable for mediation.

A mediator is a trained professional who will arrange a series of meeting for you and the other party. The mediator may assist you both in reaching agreement on financial and children matters. The mediator may refer the matter back to the solicitor if further legal work is required.

Attendance at a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is now compulsory for most people wishing to issues court proceedings for children or financial orders. We can advise as to whether any exemptions apply and refer you to an experienced local mediator if required.


If negotiation or mediation do not provide a satisfactory outcome then we will discuss with you the benefits of issuing court proceedings. Although court proceedings should not be entered into lightly, many cases are settled with the assistance of the courts who also adopt a constructive and non-confrontational approach.

We are experienced court advocates and aim to personally represent our clients in most court proceedings.

Legal Aid

We do not have a contract to provide legal aid. We are however under a duty to advise you if it appears that you may be eligible for legal aid and we can help you contact local solicitors who have a legal aid franchise.