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Cohabitation Agreements

Sometimes a couple plan to live together but do not intend to marry. The couple may plan to live in a property owned by just one of them or in a jointly owned property. There is sometimes confusion as to who has what property rights when the relationship ends. 

The person who owns the property will need to understand whether the non-owner has any rights. The non-owner will need to understand the effect of any financial contributions they may make towards the property. 

A Cohabitation Agreement will provide certainty and clarity as to the rights and responsibilities of a cohabiting couple. A Separation Agreement allows the couple to agree what will happen to the property they live in if they decide to separate. 

A Separation Agreement can used to record property and financial arrangements and other matters such as arrangements for their children.  By agreeing such matters in advance, a couple can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. Understanding property rights in advance helps each party with financial decision making as the relationship progresses.  

We can draft a Separation Agreement for you and send it to your partner for approval. To make the Agreement as strong as possible, your partner will be advised to seek their own independent legal advice.  

We can also advise you on a Separation Agreement that has been sent to you for approval by your partner’s solicitor.

Our costs for this work will be in accordance with our hourly rate and will ultimately depend on how much work is needed to reach a settlement. Fees are usually in the region of £450 – £650 + VAT but we can give you a more accurate estimate once the details of the case are known.  

We provide a service to store original Agreements for you at no extra charge.

If you want to discuss your Cohabitation Agreement please contact Dan Bonsall or Hayley King on 0161 434 0600 or info@didsburyfamilylaw.com.