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Separation Agreements

Unlike married couples, cohabiting unmarried couples do not have the option of recording their settlements in a court approved ‘consent order’.  Instead, unmarried couples can record settlements in a Separation Agreement. 

A Separation Agreement can used to record financial settlements and other matters such as arrangements for the children.   

We can draft a Separation Agreement for you. We can also advise you on a Separation Agreement that has been sent to you for approval by another solicitor.

Our costs for this work will be in accordance with our hourly rate and will ultimately depend on how much work is needed to reach a settlement. Fees are usually in the region of £450 – £650 + VAT but we can give you a more accurate estimate once the details of the case are known.  

We provide a service to store original Agreements for you at no extra charge.

If you want to discuss your Separation Agreement please contact Dan Bonsall or Hayley King on 0161 434 0600 or info@didsburyfamilylaw.com